Star Wars Episode 1 Part 1

Okay, you know how everyone has a version which they believe is better than what is shown, here’s my take on Star Wars Episode 1. The big downfall of episode 1 is it’s lack of impact on the whole prequel trilogy. Elements I’m hoping to keep: Naboo, relationship between Qui Gon and Obi Wan, Jar Jar (you heard me), Pod racing (indeed), and the politics involved. Some story elements I’ll borrow from episode 2, you’ll see what I mean as the story progresses.

We start in very much the same way. Two jedi, a head strong Obi Wan and his wise master Qui Gon Jin, aboard a spaceship. However, they are not on a diplomatic mission, they’re investigating the murder of 3 senators. Each murder happened with a poison, native to the people of Naboo. The jedi have no intention of getting involved in too much politics, although they have been asked to make contact with the newly elected queen. The jedi are arguing over the recent incident of Obi Wan letting a bounty hunter escape them on Jakku, due to him being, as Qui Gon says “not mindful enough of the world around him.” They land and are greeted by a council member and the queen, who discuss the issues they themselves are having with an off shoot group of Separatists called “The Trade Federation”. They having been threatening them with blocking their routes off planet for weeks. Qui Gon reminds them they are unable to assist in political matters.

During the investigation a group of assassin’s break out and attempt to kill the queen. Qui Gon and Obi Wan defend her, but in the fight they become separated as Obi Wan chases after an armoured man. Qui Gon stays with the queen, knowing too well that the fight is not over.  He recommends that they go to corusant, as information comes through that ships are about to block all entry and exit from the planet. A cloaked figure stands in their way, and he suddenly runs at the Queen, drawing his red lightsabre. Qui Gon and the mysterious man fight until Qui Gon cleverly collapses an some of the corridor, giving them time to escape. To the queen’s dismay, she agrees to go to corusant to rally the republic together. Obi wan, still in pursuit of the attackers, boards a ship heading to an unknown destination.

As Qui Gon flees the city with the queen and a few guards, they exit the city, heading to an emergency area just outside the walls. As they enter the forest, they are stopped by a Gun Gun named Jar Jar Binks, who advises them to turn back. The forest has become over run. After some deliberation Jar Jar guides them to a ship that they can use to escape the incoming invasion. Jar Jar stays behind to warn the Gun Guns of the attack. As they attempt their escape, the ship is damaged and lands on Tatooine.

Qui Gon leaves with Padme to find someone in the city to assist them. In their attempt to find someone who could fix the ship a 12 year old boy attempts to pickpocket Qui Gon’s lightsabre. Qui Gon senses this, and reacts quickly, holding the young boy. The boy holds out his hand and an invisible wave seems to push Qui Gon through the air and away form the boy. Padme immediately runs after the boy after realizing him and his friends have stolen her money. Padme shouts at him as she begins to catch up. “If you didn’t want \me to take your stuff, you shouldn’t have made it so easy for me to get!” he exclaims. He turns to see she has stopped chasing him, crosses her arms and smiles The confused boy laughs, but is instantly stopped as he runs into Qui Gon. Before Anakin can use a force push again Qui Gon speaks slowly “I wouldn’t try that again..” and Qui Gon does a pulling motion which trips the young boy.

Meanwhile, Obi Wan is sneaking around the base on Kamino, hoping to find some more evidence and dots to connect…



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