Star Wars Episode 1 Part 2

Anakin Skywalker, and his friends Owen and Beru, are orphans who live on Tatooine. They survive as slaves working on the speeders of pod racer’s and stealing anything extra they might want. Anakin and Padme hit it off, and flirt constantly.

In a similar fashion to the movie, Qui Gon sponsors Anakin and he competes in the pod race. Qui Gon wins another bet and getting Anakin set free.  Apprehensive, Anakin leaves his surrogate family to potentially become a jedi. Obi Wan finds himself on the water world Kamino. He sneaks around what appears to be a military base in an attempt to find out what’s going on. He sees an army of people who all look the same. He’s captured by a patrol and brought to the president of the facility. She explains that this was an army for the Republic, commissioned by Jedi the Jedi Council ten years ago, paid for in full and ready for deployment.

Obi Wan plays along with this, telling the president that after Syfer Dias passed on he became in charge of the project and wants to meet the man who they have cloned. Unfortunately, Jango Fett is unavailable at this time. Obi Wan uses this opportunity to make contact with Qui Gon. “Master, I don’t understand, has the Republic been preparing for a war?” “Not to my knoweldge, I sense a darker reason for this army, and it’s no coincidence you got there after hitchhking from Naboo.” “That was my gut feeling too, should I stay here or join you on Corusant?” “Wait there Obi Wan, the council may want you to do some more digging. And if they don’t… Keep digging anyway”.

Qui Gon, now speaking to Anakin, tells him about the force and the jedi. He begins teaching him how to control his force powers which seem to manifest randomly without him meaning to. Anakin and Padme share some Han and Leia inspired moments before landing and parting ways. Padme follows the queen and Anakin goes with Qui Gon to the jedi temple to be assessed. Despite being too old, Qui Gon believes there is something special about him and senses he is strong in the force. In fact, every jedi could sense Anakin as he arrived. Yoda explains that the force appears to move like a storm around Anakin, wild, strong, and dangerous. They are cautious, but willing to test him. Qui Gon then updates them on Obi Wan’s movement. They recommend caution and that he return to Corusant to brief them in person.

Obi Wan chooses to ignore the council, and sneaks into the president’s office where he hacks into the terminal.Whilst there he searches for more information on Syfer Dias and where he went to after he spoke to the people of Kamino. He finds a video of an old man white a white beard speaking to both the president and a man who looks like all the clones. However, there is no audio for him. Hearing voices outside the door, he covers his tracks and jumps into the ventilation system. The president and Jango are discussing what to do about Obi Wan, as he seems to be too curious. Jango wants to kill him, the president sees no harm in keeping him around. The two part ways and Obi Wan follows Jango.

Obi Wan “bumps” into Jango Fett. The two of them begin talking about Jango’s bounty hunting days and how he was approached by Syfer Dias many years ago. “What did he look like? He died when I was still young, I can’t seem to place him in my mind” Obi Wan asks. “Well,” Jango begins, “he seemed quite seasoned, greying and tired. Kept speaking about how the Republic would collapse soon unless an army was created. he’d heard of me through some of my less favourable activities on Dantooine.” “That strange,” starts Obi Wan, “I was sure as his species aged their hair only got darker, not lighter…” Silence follows before Jango excuses himself.

While this is happening, Queen Amidala is speaking with various advisors on how to handle the invasion. All advice leads to Palpatine, a likeable and sensible man, pushing to become the supreme chancellor. No help can be provided at this point as the Republic does not have an army strong enough to combat in a war with the threat of a rising Separatist movement and their limitless droid army. Jedi are also not permitted to join in a war unless it becomes a galactic event.

It was in the moment that the Queen chose to act for her people and not for the Republic…



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