Star Wars Episode 1 Part 3

The jedi council is disturbed by the suddenness of the actions of Queen Amidala. Anakin wishes to go with her, as does Qui Gon, who believes the real threat will show themselves if forced into a confrontation.

Obi Wan decides the best thing to do is ignore the council and investigate the clones more, whilst trying to mobilize troops to assist the Queen. As he gets to his room, Jango Fett walks in, wearing his armour. Obi Wan, confused, says, “Care for a civilized discussion?” before taking out his lightsabre. Jango Fett stares at him and tells him “You’ve been here too long Jedi, time to leave.” “But we were getting along so well…” Jango shoots and Obi Wan defends himself. A battle occurs, the results of which blows up a large portion of the facility. Jango escapes with someone who looks like his son.

Obi Wan meets with the president and they discuss the situation on Naboo. Meanwhile Qui Gon and the Queen land on Naboo. Unfortunately they are far from the palace. As they prepare a plan of attack, they are ambushed by none other than Jar Jar Binks. He has been leading Gun Guns in gorilla tactics against the droid army. As they discuss an alliance, Padme reveals herself to be the queen. They create a plan; the Gun Guns will be a diversion, and the team can get into the Naboo palace through an underwater system. As the Gun Guns battle, and slowly begin the get over whelmed. A rush of soldiers, the clones, joins them in the fight.

Qui Gon goes with Padme as they enter the palace. Anakin is with them as they stealthily take out droid units. An explosion happens in the background. “That was too close to be from the Gun Gun’s fight” says Qui Gon. Suddenly, Obi Wan arrives with a small battalion of clones and storms forward, “Find and protect the Queen” he shouts as they blast their way forward.

We cut to Darth Maul, the mysterious person who fought Qui Gon earlier, briefing an unknown man on the situation. Maul mentions a sudden change in the force, as if a powerful force user had come along. We cut to Anakin, who uses his previous experiences of being stealthy and getting out of danger to his advantage. He easily takes out droid troops, and seems to know how to shoot. He is guided by the force in every decision he makes. Obi Wan catches up to Qui Gon and greets them all, including the wrong Queen.He is quickly corrected and Qui Gon and his padawan catch up. “Couldn’t just let you have all the fun” Obi Wan says cheekily. “Well, maybe the Gun Guns will stand a chance now. We still need to get these pilots to some ships, whilst we capture the leaders of this invasion.”

“The clone troops can get the pilots to the ships and protect them. I’ve already put a small group in the air, we had to get here somehow. The Naboo pilots can join the battle.” As they split up Anakin wonders where he should go. Qui Gon advises “Quiet your mind, where do you feel is your place?” “I think I should go with the pilots.” “Then follow them, but stay hidden and out of the way.” Anakin gives Padme a stone he made, saying “it’s a symbol on Tatooine” “A symbol for what?” she asks. “I think you know…” he looks back and runs to catch up to the clones.

Suddenly, they hear Anakin call out “Qui Gon!” Qui Gon and Obi Wan run over to him, where a cloaked figure, Maul, is busy killing clones and pilots. Anakin uses the force to push him back, but it isn’t effective. Qui Gon shouts “Anakin, take the others and go around. Your majesty, you know what you need to do, Obi Wan, with me.” The two drop their cloaks and approach the sith. Maul presses another button on his sabre and a second blade appears. A battle ensues (with an awesome soundtrack).

Anakin has made it to the docking bay with the pilots and they take off, while the clones defend them as they climb into their ships. In the space battle the pilots quickly realise they won’t be able to destroy the control ship for the droids. Down below the Queen has made great progress getting to the leaders of this army. As they arrive they are ambushed, however, with some clever thinking Padme manages to set off a thermal detonator destroying most of the droids.

Through clever thinking Anakin realises the best way to destroy the control ship is from the inside. He manages get inside and begins bombing everything on purpose. Suddenly his ship over heats from taking fire and the ship becomes immobile. We cut to Obi Wan fighting Maul, the two exchange banter, as Qui Gon catches up to them. Obi Wan has masked his fear, but after being struck Obi Wan and Qui Gon become separated. As Obi Wan tried to catch up Qui Gon is stabbed. Suddenly the rooms becomes darker.

Anakin has started to freak out, a part of him senses the loss of Qui Gon. However, uncertain of what to do, he begins starting systems and eventually becomes air born again. He blows up more of the control ship and leaves. Obi Wan eventually gets to confront Maul again, all banter has left him, now he seeks revenge. The two are equals in combat, and the fight is intense. Through clever thinking Obi Wan sees a chance and cuts off Maul’s leg and force pushes him  back. This leads to Maul stumbling and falling. We don’t see his fate (until the sequels). As a dying wish Qui Gon asks Obi Wan to train Anakin, they share some meaningful words before Qui Gon dies.

A celebration follows after the liberation of Naboo, however, it is tainted wth the knowledge that a war has just begun. Palpatine is in the background, watching Anakin closely. Obi Wan discusses with Yoda and Mace Windo his desire to fulfil Qui Gon’s wish. They allow it, on condition that caution is made to training an older student. The movie ends as Obi Wan carries his old masters body and they burn it. Mace Windo and Yoda discuss the occurrence of the sith and we leave one final shot of Anakin.


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