The Last Airbender Part 1

We open with an old man fleeing an erupting volcano. He is clearly terrified, and the people around him rush towards the ocean. More fire, more screams, and suddenly, blackness. A crying baby is heard and vibrant colours of orange and yellow are shown. “Could this be him?” voices discuss through the haze. “Yes, yes I believe it is.” Then, lightning cracks, and blackness follows… It looks like there is a boy stuck in an orb of water…

The ball becomes clear as a young girl moves it about. It breaks open and spills onto her brother. “”Katara! How many times have I asked you to not do your weird magicy nonsense bending stuff around me?” “Sorry! I’m getting better though, don’t you think?” The two argue more until Katara loses it completely. They are forced through a river stream further off course than what is permitted in the water tribe. Further arguing takes place and Katara accidentally breaks a massive iceberg. As it cracks, they see a figure in the middle of a sphere of ice. The sphere begins breaking apart and a beam of light emits straight upward. “It’s some kind of fire nation trap, we need to run!” Shouts Sokka. “No wait,” commands Katara, “there’s something in the middle of the iceberg.

As they approach the iceberg the wind seems to pick up and get more intense. A boy and a massive hairy creature lay in the centre. Katara sprints towards him to see who, or what, it could be. She sees a boy, but she can’t tell what age he is. Sokka shouts that the ice is breaking even more and collapsing. “We can’t just leave him here” “Well are you going to carry him and that big… woolly… what is that?” “Come on, help me pick him up.” Sokka does so, and lifts the sleeping boy onto his back. “We need to get out of here now”. The ice breaks as they begin running away from the origin of the cracks. Sokka leaves the boy and Katara in the boat they arrived on and runs back for the beast. He scoops up water in his hands and throws it towards the giant creature. It does nothing. He tries again, he shouts, he screams, but to no avail. The ice breaks around Sokka and he climbs up onto the mysterious beast. They are slowly sinking into the water.

Meanwhile, with Katara, the boy begins to stir and wake up. He opens his eyes to see Katara and a haze appears. He rubs his eyes as she turns her head and shouts “Sokka!” Suddenly, the ice breaks, the beast slowly wakes up, but they continue to sink. “Appa!” The boy shouts and dives into the ocean. He swims towards them through the icy water and climbs up onto Appa. Appa slowly stirs. “He doesn’t feel the cold as much because of his fur… and fat. Appa wake up!” The giant beast slowly turns onto his back and the boy and Sokka fall into the water. Appa lifts them up with his paw and places them on his belly. “What just happened?” Sokka asks frantically. “Well, he was tired, are you ready for a swim as soon as you wake up?” Sokka looks befuddled. “Who are you exactly…?” Katara paddles the boat towards them and joins in the conversation. The boy introduces himself as Aang and that he was travelling when a storm hit and he sank.

“Aren’t you freezing?” Katara asks, “Oh yeah” says Aang and suddenly dries himself with the wind around him. He then blows wind at Sokka who’s hair is changed dramatically. “Why does every bender feel the need to show off around me. It’s not that impressive.” Katatra looks amazed, “Not just any bender, an airbender…” she says with wonder in her voice. “I thought you guys were extinct?” “Nah,” says Aang, somewhat confused, “we just like to keep to ourselves mostly… Why is it so cold over here, I must have gotten blown far off course.” “This is the south pole” Sokka tells him, matter-of-factly.

They head to the village in the South Pole and continue chatting whilst they are there. “You must know the Avatar!” Katara blurts out. “Uh, I had heard of him, but I never knew much about him.” “He’s been gone for almost a hundred years… Do you think he’s dead?” “Nah, he was quite sturd- A HUNDRED YEARS?!” Aang exclaims. ” “Yes,” says Katara, cautious of her next words, “how did you not know this?” “I guess I wasn’t counting.”

The day continues, and Aang decides to continue his journey to the Eastern Air Temple. As he leaves the village is attacked by a fire nation ship. Zuko steps forward, “Where is the Avatar?”


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