The Last Airbender Part 2

Zuko had seen the light appear from a distance and knew to follow it. His uncle had run through more firebending drills. Now, as they arrive at the South Pole, he demands to see the Avatar. Not knowing anything, the people become frightened. Sokka attempts to take down a fear men, but is quickly halted. “He’s gone, he left not too long ago. He’s heading to the earth kingdom.” Katara yells. Zuko decides to take her hostage to find the Avatar. Sokka goes looking for Aang, and quickly finds him. Sokka gets on Appa and they begin moving towards the smoke that is the fire nation ships.

After freeing Katara, destroying Zuko’s ship, and accidentally revealing himself to be the Avatar, Aang says he wants to go home to the Southern Air Temple. He explains that he didn’t mean to disappear for so long, and doesn’t really understand what’s happened to him. He’s going home to get more information. Katara wants to go with him. Sokka, hesitant at first, goes with to look after Katara. As they arrive, Aang plays with Momo and they discover the attacks. Aang, enraged after seeing the death of his friend and mentor Monk Gyatso, goes into the Avatar state. Katara helps him calm down and their journey continues. Aang decides he needs to continue his training. Between Aang and Katara they decide the best place would be to start at the Northern Water tribe.

Zuko has had to repair his ship, and as in the cartoon, ends up in an Agni Kai with Admiral Zhou. Zuko wins, and they swiftly move on to try catch up with Aang. They head to the Southern Air Temple, thinking that’s where he would go. Meanwhile, Aang has decided to stop off at a small island to get some supplies for their trip. Kyoshi island loves Aang and is excited for his return as the Avatar. There, Sokka meets Suki, and humbles himself to learn from her. Zuko, having seen Appa, followed after them and attacks the village. The team realise they will be outnumbered soon, and so for the safety of the villagers climb on Appa and flee to the Earth Kingdom.

Zuko follows after them, leaving the village a mess. The Kyoshi warriors try to slow him down, but they do little to hinder his progress.

Seeking refuge they go to Omashu, where Aang looks for his old friend, Bumi. They meet the king who, just like in the show, puts him through some trials. The king reveals himself to be Bumi, and sends them on their way to the North Pole. Like in the movie, we would get to the north pole, having a few interactions with Zuko along the way.

Just before they reach the North Pole the team becomes sick. Aang, being in better shape than the rest, goes off to get some herbs when he is attacked by Admiral Zhou and his team of archers. The admiral sends word to the firelord, who remains as a dark shadow over everyone, but is never seen. However, as in the show, Zuko finds the message, and saves Aang. The two briefly interact, ending with Aang getting away.

Just as they are making headway, Aang has a dream of a great dragon, and an island i the fire nation. An old man sits waiting at the top of a tower, his eyes are glowing as he stares at Aang. Aang knows they need to go to this island soon, and they steer themselves off course in order to reach the island. Zuko and Zhou see them, and begin pursuit. Aang, with the help of a fire nation sage and Sokka’s help, trick the other sages into opening up a door that will lead him to the old man. As Aang enters, and the light his the right place, Roku reveals himself and explains more about the Avatar and his role. He also explains that in 18 months a comet will arrive, the same comet that wiped out the airbenders. Aang needs to stop the firelord before Sozin’s comet returns. Zuko, Sokka, and Katara have been taken hostage by Zhou. Roku helps them escape and the team sets off on their original course.

The team arrive at the Northern Water Tribe. Their outfits have scorch marks and have been torn in multiple places. Sokka sees a girl with white hair and immediately falls for her. The team is welcomed with open arms, and Aang begins training shortly afterwards. However, Katara is not permitted to join in the warrior training, which she doesn’t take too kindly too. Sokka on the other hand, has begun pursing the heart of Princess Yue…


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