The Last Airbender Part 3

Aang has been learning a lot from Master Pakku, a skilled warrior and trainer. Katara, feels jealous (and maybe a bit of fomo). Unhappy with idea that she would “just be a healer”, Katara fights Master Pakku for her right to join the other benders. Sokka, on the other hand, is purely focused on winning the heart of Princess Yue. They get along well, and when he’s not with her, he is training with the other non benders. However, he is easily distracted. He sets up a meeting with Yue, and they talk about the journey Sokka has been on with Aang.

Yue observes how close Aang and Katara are, and asks about it. “They’re just friends,” says Sokka. “There was one guy Katara was keen on, Jet was his name, but I didn’t like him.” “Was he from the South Pole too?” Yue asks, curious now. “No, he was an Earth Kingdom rebel.” We go to a flash back, as Sokka retells the events of Jet, the rebel leader who almost destroyed a whole town. The story is condescend, but gets the point across that Jet is charismatic, but brutal with his hatred towards anything fire nation. “Sounds dreamy” Yue jokes. Sokka, taken off guard, begins flirting more with Yue. He tells her brief stories of their encounter with crazy villagers and the near destruction of their village by a volcano, a firebender called John John who tried to help Aang firebend. They flashback to Zhou destroying the forest and killing people. Sokka mentions Zuko and wonders where he has ended up. He recalls meeting with some pirates and not seeing Zuko again after that interaction. A brief flashback to them all fighting, and Sokka is suddenly snapped back by a kiss from Yue.

Meanwhile Zuko has been having a tough time escaping admiral Zhou.¬†As Zhou prepares to attack the Northern Water tribe to get to Aang, he sets a trap for Zuko. As in the show, Zuko narrowly escapes and hides on Admiral Zhou’s ship with the help of Iroh. After an emotional chat, Zuko and Iroh part ways with plans to meet up in the mountains.

Katara fights master Pakku, who is impressed with her. As in the show, Katara loses, and Pakku sees the necklace. He decides to train Katara, realising that his strict adherence to the rules is why he lost the love of his life. Aang and Katara learn quickly together, and become closer. Sokka and Yue have had some difficulty as Yue has been promised to someone else.

Iroh has had to change his own plans. A discussion with Zhou leads him to believe he will do something truly terrible, and remains behind to react instead of trying to meet with Zuko later. The Fire Nation suddenly feel the water freeze. Zhou gets a telescope, looks through to see Aang and other water benders freezing the water and pushing them back. We cut back to Aang. Aang whistes and Appa arrives, “I have to do something.” He looks at Katara for a long time, before they fly off. We follow Aang as he destroys a ship, flies off onto another one to do the same.

Sokka and the other warriors are preparing for battle. Sokka gives insight into the tactics of the fire nation, and discovers who Yue will marry. Enraged, he gets into a fight with the man and is pulled off the team. Sokka has been tasked to personally protect Yue due to their “friendship”.¬†Massive fire balls strike the Northern Water tribe’s home, and as night falls the attacks cease. Aang arrives back from fighting, exhausted and unsure how to help the water benders. He and Katara go to the most spiritual place in the Northern Water Tribe, and Aang enters into the spirit world to look for Roku.

Zuko comes out of no where, ready to capture Aang…


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