Batman V Superman Part 1

The movie begins in a similar fashion, with Bruce dreaming of the night his parents died, as his dad says “Martha…” he wakes up in front of the TV, half dressed in his Batman suit, to the news of Metropolis and Gotham under attack. His hangover will have to wait. We cut to Bruce running through a city being destroyed by a force he doesn’t know. As he stands at Wayne Tower, he looks up to see Superman. We cut to two years later, Clark is sitting at his desk at the daily planet. He looks at a boardroom where Perry White is talking to to some secret agent types in another room. Using his (super) hearing, he hears about negotiations with a terrorist in Africa, and a journalist being held hostage. Immediately he runs off screen and we cut to Lois in the desert.

Lois, tied up, asks “Are you holding the whole village hostage, or just me?” The man smirks and begins approaching her, when screaming is heard above them. Like in the movie, as Superman arrives the terrorist holds a gun to Lois, and he is smashed hard into a wall. Superman saves Lois, and the village is left in one piece. Clark goes back to the Daily Planet and sees on the news that miners had become trapped in Peru, most had died.

Superman becomes conflicted over the idea that he can’t save everyone. Lois is conflicted that Superman would choose her over others, and Clark begins to question himself. We build on some themes from both Man of Steel and the theatrical cut of BvS. What is the purpose of Superman, and can we trust him.

Meanwhile, in Gotham, Batman is hiding, waiting, he sees a crate being moved and acts. Sneaking up behind a thug, he chokes him to unconsciousness. Hearing voices, he moves into the shadows again. Men rush over, “No, how would the bat know we’re here?” Panic in their voices, Batman shoots his grapple into the one thugs leg and pulls him up. Batman the dives down on the second thug, knocking him out. He scans the next room, seeing three thugs, tired of being stealthy, he decides to just run at them and take them out. Opening the crate, he sees a green pebble, not much bigger than his thumb. He pockets it and leaves.

We cut to Alfred bringing a bag down a lift, as Bruce arrives at the batcave. Alfred gives him the bag with a sandwich in it. “You need to eat at some point Master Wayne.” Reluctantly, Bruce eats the meal. “Did you find what you were looking for?” Alfred asks. “Kind of” Bruce shows Alfred the green pebble. “I’ve heard this comes from the alien ship. It might give us clues about how to beat the alien.” Alfred sighs, “With all due respect Master Wayne, this crusade you’re on seems rather futile. He has been saving many peop-” “And what about when he decides to stop saving people, we don’t know anything about him. I refuse to be unprepared again…” “There are thugs in Gotham, and with recent events some seem to be getting bolder.” The two argue more, until Alfred decides Bruce is too stubborn, and walks off.

Meanwhile, Clark is about to meet up with┬áLois at the movies, everything appears to be going fine, for now…


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