Batman V Superman part 2

Lois and Clark begin to discuss what movie they would like to watch. On the news, a report comes in of thugs who have been brutally beaten in Gotham. Batman is the only suspect, the reporter mentions how thugs injuries have escalated in recent years. The Batman seems more vicious, taking the law into his own hands to prevent crime. “It doesn’t feel right, taking the law into your own hands like that.” As Lois and Clark discuss, the report is interrupted by a flash flood in Central City. Clark leaves Lois to go save as many people as he can.

The voice over of Neil Degrasse Tyson speaking with Senator Finch is heard. They discuss what it means to have a Superman. Similar to the movie, they can’t come to a conclusion as to his motives.

Meanwhile, Batman is following leads about where he can find more of this green rock to study. He’s at a fight ring and offers one of the boxers some advice, which helps him win. As in the movie, Bruce is able to hack into someone’s phone. He believes this is the man who might be able to lead him to more. The tracking brings up Lex Luthor, the self made tech billionaire. A party is being held, and Bruce decides to crash it. Perry White is there, and introduces him to Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Bruce asks “Wait, I don’t own you guys right? Or did I lose a bet?” “No Mister Wayne,” Perry says quickly, “Clark’s a journalist, we’ve asked him to cover sports and the recent injury of Victor Stone… Actually, why am I doing this? Clark you chat to Mister Wayne, I’ll be at the bar.”

The two briefly chat about their hopes Victor will be ready to play soon. Clark then asks, “And what of Batman and his recovery?” Bruce looks confused, “What?” “Batman has taken the law into his own hands, don’t you think he’s become a little… unhinged lately?” Bruce smirks, “When you’ve seen the kind of clowns Gotham gets… let’s just say a little unhinged might not be a problem. Over in Gotham we don’t easily trust those dressed in bright colours. Maybe it’s just me.” They are interrupted by Lex giving a speech. Bruce uses this chance to sneak off and set up a device to hack into Lex’ security and server. He bumps into a beautiful woman(Wonder Woman) who winks at him and walks up the stairs.

As the speech ends, Lex bumps into Clark and none other than Senator Finch. They quickly get onto the topic of Lex wanting to bring something in to test. Bruce stands close by to listen in about a shipment at the docks. Clark, on the other hand, is suspicious of Bruce’s activities. Bruce smiles and walks to retrieve his hacking device, only to find it missing. He sees the woman he bumped into earlier wink at him, get into a car, and drive off.

Bruce sees the Bat symbol in the sky and makes a decision to leave the party. Clark also sees the symbol and makes a decision to leave Lois at the party with Lex…


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