Batman V Superman Part 3

Lois is talking with Lex, and the reporter in her begins asking questions about what he could possibly want to import from the docks, and how Superman stopped weapons being illegally imported from a ship owned by Lexcorp. Lex denies knowing anything, and refers her to the “PR department if you need anything else”. Lois only becomes more suspicious, but is interrupted by Perry White, who asks where Clark has gone, forcing her to cover for him.

Batman is at the docks, and sees some thugs clearly trafficking women. They also appear to have a crate with them, with a stamps from different countries around the world. Suspicious, he can’t seem to use any kind of technology to penetrate through whatever is covering the object inside. And so he takes a more personal approach, shooting a tracking device to follow the big van in the batmobile. Like in the movie, whilst on this chase, Batman and Superman have their first encounter. The batmobile crashes on Superman. “You’re unhinged,” Superman says to Batman. “Nothing wrong with being a little bit unhinged, especially around clowns like you”.

There is a moment of realisation, “Bruce…?”Superman asks. “Bruce, you don’t underst-” “I understand!” And Batman lunges at Superman, not realising the Man of Steel’s strength. Superman picks him up and easily throws him. Batman throws down a smoke bomb and darts for the batmobile, grabbing the kryptonite. Superman sees this and grabs Batman by the cape, but is suddenly overwhelmed by the kryptonite Batman is holding. He drops Batman and begins stumbling backwards. “I understand that someTHING like you is a threat. I understand that we can’t trust anyTHING you do. I understand that -” Superman uses his laser eyes to destroy the rock and it dissipates in Batman’s hand. Clearly weakened, Superman stands up, looks at Batman “Next time they shine your light in the sky, don’t answer it.” “Tell me, do you bleed?” Superman flies off… “You will!”

Back at Lexcorp, Wonderwoman is snooping around the labs in a ski mask. She sees Lex with what looks to be a dead body. We can’t make out who it is, and as she sneaks by, she sets off a security alert. The body is rushed away and Wonder Woman, not wanting to reveal herself, makes a break for the exit. As she gets out, she bumps into Bruce Wayne. “I thought that tracker would come in handy” he says. “Oh, so you’ve been watching me?” “I tend to take an interest in anyone who thinks they can steal from me.” “You should rather be focused on Lex, I’m not the problem – and neither is Superman.” Bruce, taken off guard, is suddenly focused on Lexcorp in the background, “Why so much interest in Lex Luthor, he’s nothing, but maybe a person of interest in a few accounts of fraud and illegal arms dealing. A woman like you -” “A woman like me takes an interest in anything… otherworldly”, she hands Bruce his device, “Read what’s on here, I couldn’t get past all the encryptions, but it paints a bleak picture.” “Don’t worry about encryptions sweetheart.” Bruce smiles, Wonder Woman stares at him blankly, when her attention is caught elsewhere to guards coming around, Bruce is gone.

The next day starts off with a somber tone. Bruce switches on the news and sees everyone in the village Superman was at at the beginning of the movie has been killed, some with their chests caved in, others turned to ash. The media blames Superman, and so does Bruce. People are calling for an explanation. Bruce is done with excuses…


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