Batman V Superman Part 4

The supposed Superman attack calls into questions every motive Superman has ever had. No one, even his biggest supporters, trust him anymore. Bruce, thinking Superman acted out after their confrontation, begins preparing for war. Clark, on the other hand, has disappeared entirely, from work, from Lois, from everyone. Lois comes home to find a note, we don’t know what it says, but we see Lois begins crying.

Cut away to Clark hiking up a mountain. Uncertain, and confused, he speaks to himself, “what would you want me to do dad?” We hear rocks crashing and Clark looks up, startled, “I always went to your mother with questions like that. Martha always had a way of calming my demons, my doubts, she helped me find a purpose.”

Bruce is looking through every satellite feed he can to find Superman/ Clark Kent, but to no avail. “Your father only ever obsessed over patients” Alfred’s voice is heard in the background. Bruce has a brief flashback to the night his parents died, “My father didn’t live to be nearly as old as I am, and I haven’t accomplished half of what he did. “You don’t give yourself enough credit Master Wayne.” The two discuss legacy in depth before getting onto the topic of Superman “He is not our enemy, there’s something else at play here, have you even looked at the disk…” “There is nothing else right now, if there’s a one percent chance he committed those crimes, he has to be stopped.” Bruce, ignoring his phone, has 5 missed calls, and his phone rings as we cut away.

Lois is trying to get a cab when a hand grabs her and pulls her into an alleyway. “Where is he?” a woman, forceful, but desperate, shouts, she puts her hone away. “Who? Who are you?” Wonder Woman clearly seems shaken by something. “No one will listen, maybe he will, where is Clark Kent?” “He’s gone, I don’t know where, are you a friend of his?” “No, but he and I have a common interest in helping people who can’t help themselves.” Lois, startled, begins to understand, “I was going to try his parents home out in Smallville, want to come with me to see if he’s there?” Wonder Woman nods.

Batman and Alfred work tirelessly on something. Lex is clearly up to something too, now testing Kryptonite on the body of General Zod. He then sneaks onto the old space ship and begins to play around with something. He smiles a malicious smile…

Clark has just landed on the farm and is talking to his mother. “Clark, sweetie, no one said doing the right thing would be easy. Of course people are scared, they don’t know you like I do. Maybe they never will. That shouldn’t stop you from sticking up for the little guy. People need a Superman, be that for them. Or don’t, whatever you choose, live with it. It’s okay if you only save one person, and it’s okay if that person is you.” They are interrupted by senators calling Superman to explain himself. They have an apparent survivor of the incident calling for the execution of Superman for the atrocities they witnessed. Superman walks out and flies off. Shortly after Lois arrives with Wonder Woman.

We cut again to Lex listening to the news report and smiling, clearly pleased with himself. He sends a letter to “Wayne Manor”. He is dropping the body of Zod into a dark area of the ship. Whatever he has planned, no one is around to stop him…


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