Batman V Superman Part 5

Lights start to spark, as Lex looks into the pit, and then looks at what looks to be a console. A voice says “Kryptonian archives, access, denied.” Lex starts to press buttons and hack the console and we then hear “Access allowed”. A crate with multiple stamps looms nearby.

Meanwhile, Batman is at Lexcorp and fights through guards. We get an epic fight scene, not unlike the one in the movie. Batman reaches a lab and sees kryptonite everywhere, under microscopes, in transparent glass. He takes it all. We cut back to Lex, who sees a call coming through from Lexcorp. He ignores it and drops his phone to the ground, and continues searching through kryptonian archives. A message comes through “Package delivered.”

Superman reaches a senate building, where the trial is being held. The senator from Lex’ party is there and calls the meeting to order. As she talks, she begins to question Superman, who he is and what he wants. As Superman stands, he hears a strange tick and shouts “Get Down-” an explosion destroys most of the building, Superman immediately rushes to help people.

Batman gets back and drops his bag of kryptonite on a desk. We see letters, one saying “you let your family die”. He begins turning the kryptonite into a gas, and a larger piece into the tip of a spear. He sees the explosion on the news and immediately walks off screen. Superman carries out one last person as dusk settles and the fire is slowly being put out. He sees Lois and says “I guess nobody lives forever” and he flies off. It’s late at night when he sees the bat signal turn on. He shakes his head, but doesn’t change his path. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a grenade goes off in his face and a green gas comes out, he begins dropping to the ground. He crashes through a building, right to where Batman is waiting in his armour. Superman, confused, gets punched and thrown by Batman. Superman defends himself, and epic fight scene persists (similar to in the movie).

Zods body is transformed into a hulking beast and stares at Lex. Lex gazes at the creature and reaches into the crate. He has created an amulet from krptonite. The beast (Doomsday) tries to punch Lex, but feels immense pain when he gets close, his hand almost disintegrating into nothing. Lex smiles, “You’re my monster”. The monster launches out and begins destroying Metropolis. Wonder Woman sees this and gets a bag out of the car she and Lois were in “I need to change, you go find Superman. Lois looks to see where to go, and sees a red figure crashing into buildings in the opposite direction.

As in the movie, Batman looms over Superman and cuts him with the spear he made. He smiles “You do bleed…”. As he is about to stab him, Batman pictures the criminal who shot his parents. Superman hears his mom’s voice “it’s okay if you only save yourself”. He grabs the spear, clearly straining, and pushes Batman back. Getting up, Superman picks up a steel construction rod, about to throw it at Batman, and suddenly says “My parents raised me to preserve life,” he drops the piece of steel, “Martha… wouldn’t want this…” he says as he drops to his knees, exhausted. Batman has flashes of his mother, “what did you say? Why did you say that name?” Ready to fight, Superman stops him, “It’s- that’s my mom.” Suddenly, the two see explosions in the distance. “Sounds like something big is destroying the city.” “Saving the city is more important than this. We’ll have to stop it, together…” Batman says.

Wonder Woman is fighting Doomsday alone, and Lois is nowhere to be seen…



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