Batman V Superman Finale

Batman and Superman show up, ready to help Wonder Woman. They are stopped by Lex, who says “Behind every great man is a woman, and yours is a little busy. You can’t kill me, or Lois dies, good luck finding her.” Superman is about to try look for Lois when he looks at Wonder Woman fighting, he hears Batman say “I can find her for you, you’re needed. You’re needed here, now” Superman responds, “Please, find Lois for me.” Batman turns and says “Should be easy” and grapples off into the darkness. Superman fights off Doomsday with Wonder Woman.

Batman, through skilled detective work, easily finds Lois, fights off Lex’s men. Whilst there, he discovers what Doomsday is, and joins in the fight. The trinity is completed. “He’s the other kryptonian, he’ll have the same weakness as you. Lex is trying to hold the world hostage with this thing. Kryptonite seems to work, for now…” “That spear…?” “One step ahead of you” and Batman goes to retrieve it from his plane. Doomesday blows it up, and the spear goes flying off. Batman, not killed, but injured, takes off his armour revealing his normal suit underneath. He pulls his cowl out and puts that on.

Batman reaches for his grenade launcher, one last kryptonite grenade, it might just work. Wonder Woman uses her lasso and binds the beast. Superman sees Lois in the distance, when a green shimmer catches his eye. He smiles at Lois, goes to grab the spear, and flies off. Batman shoots the grenade, bringing Doomsday to his knees, and Superman stabs it with the spear. Doomsday, enraged and hurt, stabs Superman through his chest/ stomach. With one final push, Superman jabs the spear in deeper, and Doomsday drops down, dead, along with Superman.

Superman is lowered down to check if he is alive, Lois begins crying. In the distance, Lex smiles, but suddenly is taken down by Batman.

A funeral parade for Superman is held. The whole of the Daily Planet is there. Meanwhile, Batman threatens Lex, and tells him he’s made “special arrangements to move to Arkham Asylum, it might only be temporary, but you won’t be able to sneeze without me knowing.”

Back at the funeral, the camera pans to show Lois and next to her, holding her hand, is Clark. They say their goodbyes to Superman. Bruce comes a bit late, he fixes his suit, while standing next to Wonder Woman (Diana).

Later, Clark and Lois are in their apartment together. “Think you made the right choice?” Lois asks. “I choose you, every time. The world doesn’t need a Superman. Maybe I can do more good as Clark Kent.” The Superman suit has been stored away, and we see a close up of the damaged suit and the S.

Roll Credits

Bruce walks past his computer that says “Decryption complete.” We hear Alfred’s voice off screen, “I took it upon my self to see what was on that drive. Forgive me Master Wayne, curiosity go the better of me.” Bruce smiles and opens a folder labelled “Metahumans”. In the folder we catch a glance of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg. Bruce smiles and goes to click the one with “Red Streak” labelled and then…

Roll Credits

The camera zooms in on the destruction caused by the fight. A hand punches through, Doomsday’s hand, and we hear “Find… Him…”



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