Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End Part 1

The movie starts in a similar fashion, people accused of piracy are being hung. A young boy sings and everyone joins in “Never shall we die”. We cut to Elizabeth, rowing a small boat, singing the same tune. They are meeting with a group of pirates from Singapore, who know how to get to the¬†worlds end. They’ve been there, and other than Davy Jones, they are the only ones who have a map to get there. This version the beginning predominantly stays the same, but to remind some of you; Will fails to steal the map, and after the crew fails to negotiate with Sao Feng a huge fight breaks out in the attempt to get said map. Will comes to an agreement with Sao Feng, if he agrees to bring Jack Sparrow to him. Tia Dalma (the crazy Jamaican lady) is with them, feeling that she has a part in this fight too. The East India company doesn’t join in, but hears a fight break out. They loom over the pirates, ready to attack, which they do eventually.

In this version, there’s no such thing as pirate lords. Why do pirates need such things?

However, they do need Jack back, because he holds one of nine talismans (pieces of eight) that can release Calypso. The pirates Morgan and Bartholomew bound her in human form, with no powers. These pieces of eight were scattered in order to best ensure Calypso wouldn’t be able to return. For unknown reasons, Calypso was targeting pirates, killing them in “creative ways” says Barbossa.

Sao Feng, having a piece of eight, strikes a deal with Will, he agrees to let them bring back Jack, because with him, will come the Black Pearl, one of the fastest and greatest ships ever constructed. He wants it to be the head of his armada to face against the East India Company. He also believes he can control Calypso. A small crew loyal to Sao Feng goes with Will, Elizabeth, and Barbossa.

With that, they begin their journey towards Worlds End. At first the map is quite confusing and takes them around in circles, Elizabeth eventually figures out the trick and they are back on course. The weather changes constantly, from deadly cold to blistering heat. They hear a roar in the distance and Barbossa whispers, “We’re off the edge of the map. Here, there be monsters.”

The crew rightfully enquire how Tia was able to bring back Barbossa, and why they need to go to this length for Jack. Tia tells them “because his body had not been taken to Davy Jones locker, Barbossa was able to be restored.” Once you die die at sea, your body and soul goes to the locker, and no one knows how to get out, yet.

Meanwhile, in Davy Jones Locker, there appears to be nothing but barrenness. It’s neither hot, nor cold, just empty. Jack has gone crazy, talking to himself and his shadow, which moves arbitrarily. He gazes from the shore as the Black Pearl sits on the ocean. He tries to swim to it, but no matter how far he swims, it never gets any closer, and he gets washed by a wave to the shore again. He is caught in a looped conversation with himself and with trying to get to the Pearl.

Governor Swan is being kept busy, signing death sentences for pirates. He sees a chest, and hears something beating inside…


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