Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End Part 2

Governor Swan is suspicious of this chest. He knows whatever is inside must be important, but he pretends to be ignorant of it. Beckett walks up to him and hands him more papers. The tops read “execute on sight”. “More orders to kill women and children, or do we actually know where some real pirates are for a change?” Beckett smirks, “They are a dead breed, they just don’t know it yet.” Beckett eventually leaves, and the governor walks over to the chest. He searches for the key, which is found in Beckett’s top draw. He opens the chest, and his mortified eyes gaze at what is inside.

Barbossa is steering the ship through what appears to be total blackness. Only a few bright stars seem to break through endless nothing. “We’re getting close now…” they see a few small boats join them. “What are they?” Elizabeth asks. “Souls, on their way to the locker,” Tia Dalma says, “Davy Jones is supposed to help them find their way… Him have neglected his purpose for far too long. Instead of helping these poor souls find peace, he turns the dying into slaves to his cruelty, and leaves the dead to oblivion.”

“How will we know we’re in the locker?” Will asks. Barbossa points to something in the distance, “I assume it’ll be just after that.” Suddenly panicked, Will orders the crew to try turn the ship around, but it does nothing. Barbossa, laughing like a maniac, orders the crew to tie themselves to the ship as they plunge over the edge.

Jack has become the definition of insanity. The wind howls with the voices of lost souls. Trying the same thing over and over again. He continues to get in the water, swim, and not achieve his goal of getting to the Pearl. He argues with himself about being insane, before starting again. Eventually he gives in, his body tired. He reaches for his pistol and stares at it, he puts the gun to his head before shouting to himself “this shot’s not meant for you” and throws down his arm and his pistol drops from his hand. He hears screaming in the distance, but barely flinches, his gaze fixed on the Pearl.

The crew wash up on shore, the ship they were on clearly destroyed save for a few logs. Everyone is disheartened, “how will we find Jack here?” Gibbs asks. It is barren, but there are some people around. It’s a lot emptier than what any of them imagined. In the distance they see what looks like the Black Pearl. Barbossa, clearly happy with this, shouts to the crew “There be the Pearl, let’s swim out to get it.” “That won’t work” they hear Jack’s voice in the distance. “Jack!”Gibbs says, excited to see his old friend. “Davy send you all to the locker too, or…” he pats each of them, trying to determine if they are real or not. “Hmm…” Jack seems uncertain. “Jack, we’re real, we came to get you out of this place.” Will says. “Why should I believe anything that any of you say? Four of you have tried to kill me, one of you succeeded, why would you want me back?”

Barbossa looks at him, “We can discuss the technicalities later, first, we need to get out of here.”


Meanwhile, Beckett has ordered Governor Swan away. Davy Jones and Beckett have a heated discussion, when suddenly Beckett pulls the heart out of the box and begins to squeeze it. He smiles maliciously as Jones is brought to his knees…


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