Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End Part 3

Davy Jones, enraged, but powerless, obeys Beckett’s order to have the heart on the Dutchman and some soldiers of the East India Trading Company. Beckett wants Jones to bring him prisoners, not dead bodies. Beckett watches Governor Swan leaving on a small boat, about to board another ship. “You know… it would be okay if you wanted to take out your anger on one more ship…”

Meanwhile, the crew are busy building a make shift raft from the old ship in an attempt to get to the Pearl. Jack, Barbossa, Will, and Elizabeth come to an agreement that they’ll settle all differences once Davy Jones has been dealt with. They board the raft and slowly get to the Black Pearl. Barbossa and Jack disagree on who should be captain, when suddenly a green burst lights up the distance. Night falls, and the Pearl is drifting slowly, with no wind at all to make any kind of headway. They have no distance in mind, and the compass Jack owns is clearly not working.

They begin to see some boats coming in, and the Dutchman in the distance. Everyone hides until the Dutchman disappears. The boats come past the Pearl, and Elizabeth sees her father. Not wanting to believe he is dead, she almost jumps into the water, but Will catches her. “You’ll be far worse off than him if you get in those waters, just ask Jack” Tia Dalma says. Governor Swan looks at Elizabeth “I- I tried to take the heart, but I failed… I’m so proud of you. Don’t be vengeful, find happiness again, you were always so happy… I’ll say hi to your mother…” and he disappears into the distance.

The next day the crew is no better off. The map reads “sundown everything is in reverse”. Confused, the crew are beginning to grow tired and hungry.

Back with Davy Jones, captives have been taken. He orders them to be transported to Beckett, offering none of them the chance to join his grew. Davy Jones is plotting a way to get to Beckett without him realising. His plans seem futile though, and Beckett continues to take charge wherever he can. Beckett is torturing prisoners until the give up locations. However, he is finding the methods “Rather ineffective.”

The sun is slowly setting again. Jack, staring at the map, realises what needs to be done. They rock the boat until it flips upside down. As the sun goes down, water rushes past them. They have escaped the locker. Jack and Barbossa go to shore to get supplies, leaving the Pearl in Will’s command. As they arrive, they get swarmed by Sao Feng’s men. In the distance is Beckett’s ship, looms, drawing closer. Sao Feng takes the two back to his ship, where Will is waiting. The two decide that Will will captain the Pearl as a part of Sao Feng’s fleet. Jack will be sent to Beckett, and Barbossa will stay with Will. Elizabeth goes with Sao Feng, because he believes she is the goddess Calypso.

On the Ship with Beckett, Jack is trying to talk his way out of not being sent to Davy Jones…


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