Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End Part 4

Jack discusses a plan with Beckett to lure the pirates out of hiding. He suggests that he go and “recruit” for him, and gather them in one place for Beckett’s armada to then deliver a final blow. A meeting is being conducted to determine what the pirates should do, and Jack will lead Beckett’s men there. Beckett just needs to wait for Jack’s signal.

With that, they part ways. Jack needs to find a ride to get to this pirate cove. Sao Feng and Will are on their way there. Jack manages to stow away on board the Pearl just before it takes off. Will finds him quickly, and the two have a short confrontation about Will’s father “Bootstrap Bill”. Jack tells Will he should try to save his father, but there’s almost no redemption for a man who’s become a part of the ship. Jack is also confronted about who should take over the Dutchman, as a repeated theme no one wants to take on the job should they kill Davy Jones. As they reach the top of the ship Jack says to Will “What is it you really want?” Will declares he wants to be with Elizabeth, but feels obligated to help his father. ┬áThe chemistry between Will and Elizabeth has remained apparent throughout the movie. Jack gives Will his compass and says, “You’ll know what to do with this” and then pushes Will overboard, along with a barrel.

Will is picked up by Beckett, where he makes a deal to get his fathers freedom, in exchange for the compass. Elizabeth, with Sao Feng, is being held captive when the ship is raided by Davy Jones. Sao Feng is killed in the fight, but gives his talisman to Elizabeth, hoping she will use it “to be free”. He still believes she is a trapped Calypso. Norrington arrives (remember him?). When he sees Elizabeth he orders Jones to take the crew hostage and tow the ship. Elizabeth tells him that her father is dead “at the hands of Beckett and Jones”. Norrington goes rogue and frees Sao Feng’s crew and distracts Jones enough to allow them to escape to the pirate cove. Norrington is put into a cell and tensions run high on the Dutchman.

Jack makes it to the pirate cove with Barbossa. Elizabeth follows in shortly, “where’s Will?” “He got left behind.” The pirates discuss the best course of action and argue over the code. “Hang the code” one pirate says, and then he is shot by a man in the distance. Clearly of great importance, everyone quiets own. “The code is what separates us from those animals” this older looking Jack Sparrow says. He walks close by and begins playing a guitar. Barbossa breaks the silence, “We should release Calypso.” Another pirate says “We should run, they’re bulking ships can’t catch a pirate ship.” Another pirate says “We are protected here. they will lose more men if we just stay in our cove. We are pirates, not wizards. Fighting the supernatural isn’t our job.” Jack nods at Elizabeth and she says “We should fight them.” A vote takes place, and it seems to be a tie between all four options until Jack says “We should fight. We’ve been warring with scum like the East India Trading company for years, why is this any different.”

Looks like the Pirates are going to be fighting for their way of life…


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