Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End Finale

Will is chatting with Beckett when Davy Jones arrives. Will mentions the pirates plan on releasing Calypso. “Not after all the work I put in to ensuring she was human! I… I showed them how to bind her, it was what she deserved for abandoning me to this quest. 50 years I did my duty, and then, as it was coming to our 5th anniversary to meet on the shore, not seeing her for 10 years, she wasn’t there. And I cursed her. And I showed the others how to protect themselves and bind her to a human form.”

The Pirates are getting ready for battle. They have fortified their cove, and a few ships exit to make their way closer to the fleet that Beckett has amassed. Tia Dalma is being held below deck on the Pearl, and out of the shadows creeps Davy Jones. They share some sweet moments, before he leaves to go to his ship.

Beckett, Will, and Jones stand on a rowboat. Barbossa, Jack, and Elizabeth stand on another close by. They try to come to an agreement. “But Jack, you helped organise all this, bringing the pirates out into the open. Their deaths are all on your head.” They only seem to agree that Jack should serve time with Davy Jones and Will comes over to Elizabeth.

Back at the Pearl, Barbossa is performing the ritual to release Calypso. Jack, in the brig of the Dutchman, enlists the help of Bootstrap Bill and Norrington to help him escape. Jack whispers something to Norrington and he leaves suddenly. Clouds begin to form, as Tia Dalma looks at the pirates and smirks. Will looks at her, “I know who betrayed your secret. Davy Jones…” Tia Dalma screams and turns into wind. “Well, fat lot of use that did” one pirate says. “We’re on our own…” Barbossa looks off. Elizabeth and Will give a motivational talk. They head out to attack the Dutchman, but more ships follow. A huge whirlpool forms, sucking in some of Beckett’s armada. Jones curses at Calypso, but heads straight towards the Pearl.

Norrington sneaks on board another ship. He sees Gibbs on top and looks at some of the other ships, who clearly have pirates on the Crows nest. They replace the flags for pirate flags secretly. Norrington loads up a cannon and fires on another ship. The ships begin attacking each other. The pirates use this confusion to make an escape.

The Pearl and the Dutchman are locked in battle, getting more and more intense. Jack manages to retrieve the heart and is locked in a duel with Davy Jones himself. Amidst the chaos Barbossa marries Will and Elizabeth. Will eventually joins Jack, but is cut off by other crew members. Elizabeth joins them too. Jack eventually gets the key, but loses the chest and his sword is broken. Will takes on Jones, giving Jack time to get the chest. However, as Will fights he is knocked over and stabbed by Jones. Bootstrap Bill is enraged and fights off Jones. Jack opens the chest and gets the heart. He looks at a dying Will and becomes torn between his own immortality and helping his friend.

Jones, fighting Bootstrap Bill stops suddenly, and looks at Will who has stabbed his heart. Jones turns human for a few seconds and suddenly turns back to the monster as he falls into the whirlpool. Jack picks up Elizabeth and they jump to the Pearl before the Dutchman sinks. “Part of the ship, part of the crew” is murmured as they leave.

The Pearl gets out of the whirlpool and sees Beckett’s ship. Clear confusion amongst the East India Trading Company. The Dutchman shoots from the ocean and heads towards the Pearl. Beckett smiles, but it quickly fades as both ships head towards his ship. “It’s just good business.” The bombard his ship and his armada flees in the confusion.

“Well, that worked out better than expected.” Will says to Jack and Elizabeth. The crew of the Dutchman become human under their new Captain. It’s revealed that the three had planned to stage a betrayal in order to lure Jones out into the open and make him more vulnerable. Calypso joins them and promises to help the pirates when needed. Despite some hiccups things went well. We end with Will and Elizabeth on the beach together, and Will leaving to do his duty.

Jack’s ship is taken by none other than Barbossa. He opens the cut out as he looks at the map and adjusts it, gets out some rum. “Drink up me hearty’s yo ho”

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