Spider-man 3 Part 1

Peter stares at a billboard of Spider-man web swinging in New York.

Peter Parker (Narrating)

“Yeah, that’s me, the guy who used to be hated by New York. I guess saving it from being swallowed by a miniature sun helps boost a superhero’s rep. I’ve come a long way from being that kid bitten by a spider.”

He walks past some kids, loving looking at their hero. Peter narrates some more, reflecting on how things have changed for him recently with MJ in his life. In the distance, Harry looks at Peter and smirks. Peter buys flowers and walks in through the back entrance of a theatre where he sees MJ. Sensing her nervousness he tries to calm her down.

Peter Parker

How are you feeling?

Mary-Jane Watson

This is a big deal, I don’t want to blow it.

Peter reassures her and is ordered to take his seat by someone backstage. As the play begins Harry walks out onto one of the balconies and looks at MJ. He sees Peter in the crowd, clearly too focused on MJ and miming the words to the play to notice he is there.

We cut to Flint Marko running away from police. He ducks down alleyways and climbs over fences. He breaks into a house. It’s empty, and looks like Aunt May’s old house. There’s a picture of Uncle Ben that he finds. He stares at it, but is snapped back to reality when dogs barking becomes louder and louder. He drops the picture and hastily moves on.

Peter and MJ are discussing the play. Peter explains the acoustics of the theatre as the reason why the applause was soft and MJ just smiles at him. They are suddenly joined by Harry.

Harry Osborne

Look at the happy couple

They look at him awkwardly, not knowing what to do or say.

Harry Osborne

Sorry to interrupt. Wouldn’t want to intrude on this special moment.

Peter gets up and stands between Harry and MJ. The tension is clear, Harry tries to make a joke, and leaves them, an ominous presence remaining. Peter wants them to hash things out, Harry won’t hear any of it. Peter and MJ leave the theatre, as they do police cars fly past. MJ smiles and nods at Peter, who runs off screen. Our focus is on MJ and the concerned her look on her face. Peter swings into action, stopping some thugs. He sees a man (Flint Marko) running in the distance. He swings to catch up with him, but is abruptly stopped by someone flying past. It looks like the Green Goblin.


How…? You… You’re dead…

A battle takes place between the two. Flint Marko looks at this and runs. The fight between Spider-man and the Goblin is fierce. The Goblins look is more menacing than the last time, but is clearly inspired by Norman Osborne.

Flint ducks into another house and sees a girl, his daughter. He leaves letters addressed to her under her pillow that he clearly wrote. He goes to the kitchen to get food when the light comes on. His ex is standing in the doorway.

Flint Marko

I won’t be here long. I just wanted to see Maddie.

They argue briefly about his life choices and how he is accused of murder when Maddie joins them. She gives Flint a locket with her picture inside.

Flint Marko

I promise to do what I can to make you better.

He steps out the kitchen window.

Flint Marko

I’m not a bad person… I’ve just had bad things happen to me.

Not too far away Spider-man realises he’s outmatched…


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