Spider-man 3 Part 2

Spider-man is clearly outmatched. This new Goblin is equipped for this occasion. Thinking fast, Spider-man manages to break enough of the glider for the Goblin to be thrown off his game. He disappears into silence. Confused, Spider-man wonders who this new guy is, but he has his suspicions. He immediately swings to Harry’s place. There he finds Harry Osborne sitting in Normans chair, staring at an old photograph. He has old photographs of Spider-man and Peter, and he gets frustrated and tries to flip the table over, but can’t. It appears that he’s too weak. Spider-man looks down, and swings away.

We cut to a police station with none other than Captain Stacey.

Police Officer

Sir, I believe we’ve found Flint Marko. There’s evidence to suggest he’s linked to the Parker murder.

We cut to Flint running through some fields. He jumps a fence and falls into a pit. Scientists are testing out how to manipulate sand. He is caught in the crossfire of this and becomes a part of the sand.

Mary-Jane is walking home, it is late at night and this seems to be a familiar area to what we saw in the first Spider-man movie. Suddenly Spider-man swings past and picks her up. They go to a park where the two reflect on life together. MJ tells Peter she’d love to be on stage acting every night.

Peter Parker

I’ll be cheering for you in the front row

Meteors fall from the sky and one lands close by. As Peter steps down, an ooze crawls up his leg. Thinking nothing of it, he picks up MJ and they swing off through the forest. Peter drops MJ off at her apartment before swinging off.

The next day Peter’s walking to class when he sees a crane’s breaking apart and crashing through a building. He gets out his camera.

Eddie Brock

Oh, no need, I’ll get this one. Peter, right? Yeah, I’ll take pics of Spidey for you while you go to class.

Peter, perplexed, moves off screen…

Eddie Brock

Where is he?

Spider-man swings by and we see him webbing up the pieces of building. He catches a falling blonde girl (Gwen Stacey). Everyone cheers for him. He gets down and starts giving people high fives. He briefly chats to Brock before swinging off.

Flint begins to gain consciousness and slowly forms himself to an epic soundtrack. Motivated by his daughter. Peter and Aunt May are called to the police precinct. Captain Stacey is arranging to thank Spider-man himself. He sits down with the Parkers and explains the evidence of Flint Marko being the one who pulled the trigger. Since his disappearance they have had no leads. Peter gets angry.

Peter Parker

That’s not good enough!

Captain Stacey

Relax, we’ll catch him, it’s just a matter of time.

Peter storms off.

We cut to Mary Jane, who walks in on someone performing the song she sang the night before. She confronts the directors, who tell her the reviews were bad and she’s been replaced. She walks out to a crowd cheering for Spider-man who swings past. Harry looks at her across the street. He walks up to her and offers some comforting words, before heading off to go to “work”.

The crowd cheers as Spider-man lands by Captain Stacey, who gives a speech about Spider-man and the good he’s done. As he does, a brown cloud of dust blocks out the sun and Spider-man disappears after it. He watches it as it moves arbitrarily and suddenly disappears into an armoured truck.


Well, that’s a neat trick.

He swings on top of the truck and sees the back door burst open. Spider-man swings in, he kicks Flint Marko/ Sandman who then drops bags of money.


Guess you haven’t heard, I’m the sheriff around these parts.

He realises he recognises his face from the police report. Suddenly, our friendly neighbourhood Spider-man isn’t so friendly anymore…


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