Spider-man 3 Part 3

The fight is fierce, but again Spidey realises he is outmatched. Part of Sandman is fighting Spider-man, the other bursts through the drivers side and fills that up with sand. The car accelerates and crashes. Sandman disappears, and Spidey swings off. Unable to catch him, he swings to the top of a building and sits down, and empties his mask and shoes of sand. He sees a black goo on the back of his boot, but just assumes it’s from Sandman.

Peter Parker

Where do these guys come from?

Peter lands in his apartment and hears a knock at the door. It’s Ursula. He quickly wraps himself up and she gives him a message from his Aunt saying they should discuss what happened at the police precinct. He’s busy getting other clothes out when MJ knocks on the door. She can’t get it open and he walks over to her. She tells him all about the reviews, but before she can mention that she was let go, Peter interrupts her saying he understands (Spider-man used to get back press all the time). He has no words to comfort her. We see the black goo taking more space on Spidey’s boot. Peter excuses himself, not mentioning his uncle or aunt. He slips on clothes and leaves on his scooter. MJ leaves not knowing what to do.

Who should be waiting to comfort her? None other than Harry Osborne. He’s charming and invites her over to his place.

Mary-Jane Watson

Were you going to see Peter?

Harry Osborne

Yeah, I thought we should try bury the hatchet

Mary-Jane Watson

What happened between you guys?

Harry Osborne

Let’s focus on cheering you up, then we can discuss that.

Peter pulls his scooter up to Aunt May’s apartment complex. They speak about the dangers of anger and revenge. Peter opens up about his feelings of being an underdog, and how no matter what he does, he is always powerless, always the underdog. He also mentions how he wants to marry MJ, but feels torn between responsibilities to her and “other responsibilities.” Aunt May tells her about how she initially rejected Uncle Ben’s proposal because she knew neither of them were ready, and how when they were finally ready things were more magical.

Harry and MJ are having a great time whilst making pancakes and reading a script Harry wrote for MJ in high school. They kiss briefly, and MJ leaves. Harry smirks, clearly pleased with this outcome.

Meanwhile, Sandman is walking down a street, he is ducking down alleyways and is trying to find a bank to rob. He goes inside one, the one from Spider-man 2, and scopes it out.

Peter just gets back to his apartment, he hears “Rent!” Coming from the hallway, when his police radio blares “Robbery in progress, suspect a Flint Marko.” As Spidey pulls off his shirt to reveal his costume, we see the black goo has taken over most of his right leg. He doesn’t notice though, as he pulls on his mask and swings off.

Sandman is taking fire from police men, but it does nothing, but annoy him. Spidey swings in, the bottom half of him resembling the black suit. Spidey launches himself at Sandman with a flurry of kicks and punches. Looking over this, hovering on a glider, is the Green Goblin lookalike, the yellow eyes staring at the hero fighting. Spidey’s suit is becoming more black. Brock is also there, but he is too focused on catching pictures of Spider-man. Earlier in the film it would be established that Brock is trying to show up Peter, as he has lived in Peter’s shadow for the past 5 years.

Eventually Spider-man and Sandman end up down in a train station.


You killed an old man


I didn’t hurt him

Sandman seems confused, but Spider-man’s rage gets to him, the black suit has taken over most of him…


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