Spider-man 3 Part 4

The fight ends with Spider-man thinking he’s killed Sandman by breaking a pipe and water bursting out. Sandman screams as he breaks apart. He climbs out of a sewer and sees Brock.

Eddie Brock

Nice new suit, loving the black.

Spider-man tilts his head, but gets irritated by Eddie and breaks his camera


See ya chump

Spider-man swings off.

Eddie Brock

What the hell?!

Eddie gets out another camera and takes pictures of his surroundings.

Spider-man swings to a glass skyscraper and looks at his reflection. He likes this new suit, he feels powerful in it. He is faster, and stronger. Yet, he thinks back to Flint Marko’s face as he disappeared in the water. Feeling guilty, he swings to the university and meets with Doctor Connors. They break off a piece of the suit to exam. Seems the cells are extremely aggressive. Doctor Conner advises that he take off the suit. Spidey chooses to keep the suit, for the first time he doesn’t feel powerless and overwhelmed by the world and his responsibilities.

He swings back to his apartment, where MJ is waiting for him. She sees the black suit and seems confused.

Mary-Jane Watson

New suit? Why the change? I liked the old one.

Peter Parker

I like it, I’m faster, stronger, I can finally do more than I ever could before.

The two argue over him keeping the suit, and Peter is noticeably more aggressive. MJ leaves in tears. Harry is walking up the stairs now. They have an awkward encounter when MJ asks why he’s there.

Harry Osborne

I thought we could bury the hatchet, I assume he told you…?


Told me what?

Harry Osborne

Spider-man killed my father.

MJ looks shocked, but just walks away. Harry smirks as he steps inside and sees Peter in the black suit.

Harry Osborne

Trouble in Paradise? Nice new get up.

Peter just stares at Harry, unable to form words. Peter’s expression is darker, he says nothing, and waits for Harry to speak. Harry is just talking to him, almost taunting him. There is a stare down between them. They discuss the night Norman died, and the events leading up to it. We see Norman Osborne’s reflection in Peter’s mirror. We hear his whisper “first… we attack… his heart…” Harry tells Peter about the kiss, further taunting him. Peter snaps and lunges at Harry, who holds his own, they fight in Peters room, and eventually go out into the street. The fight is intense, but Harry isn’t strong enough to stop Peter with his new suit.

MJ walks out of the jazz club (where she now works) for some fresh air. She looks up to see the two fighting and runs over catch them. They eventually get to a construction site, where MJ finally catches up. She sees the savagery Peter uses in the fight. He begins to look more and more fierce (more like Venom). Harry is knocked into some polls, which fall to the ground around him. As they fall the symbiote and Peter cry in pain. H begins to move towards Harry…


Peter stop! You’ll kill him!

Peter regains himself, the mask slipping back. He looks at MJ and Harry, and swings off. As he does he sees a Daily Bugle headline “Spider-man shows his true colours” and a picture of him stealing from a bank . He swings off to the Bugle, the symbiote becomes normal clothes for Peter to wear. There he sees Brock celebrating with JJ Jameson, framing the picture. Angered, he breaks the glass and says the picture is fake. Jameson orders Robbie to check, and Peter confidently walks off.

Harry limps by and sees Flint Marko. He enrolls Sandman to kidnap MJ. Back at his house, Harry tests new ways to destroy Peter Parker…


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