Spider-man 3 Part 5

Peter is swinging along, stopping crimes with incredible brutality. Peter has become cockier with his neighbours daughter. He can’t get a hold of MJ though, but he almost doesn’t seem to care. Until, as he passes by a jazz club he sees MJ walk inside. He runs to catch up with her, but she rejects him, not wanting to speak to him.

At his apartment he’s reading The Daily Bugle, the headline reads “Sorry Spidey” and below “shamed photographer fired” with a picture of Eddie Brock. Aunt May arrives to offer some words of wisdom. She notices his darker stance. She asks about life, work, and MJ.

Peter Parker

I hurt her, I hurt all my friends. I finally have the chance to do everything Uncle Ben would have wanted, but…

Aunt May

He wouldn’t have wanted you to give up your friends, and family. Revenge, hatred, they’re like a poison, turns good people into something they’re not. You always a choice Peter…

Aunt May offers more words of wisdom, and then leaves Peter to his thoughts. The symbiote is slowly creeping up his neck, the suit slowly forms around him as he hears police sirens.

Harry thinks back to his fight with Spider-man and remembers how he reacted with the noise. Harry begins to create something that will surely destroy Spider-man.

At this same time Spider-man sits on top of an old church. Eddie Brock walks inside and says a prayer about killing Peter Parker. Spider-man tears at the suit, but it keeps reshaping around him. He struggles against it until he knocks against the bell, causing him and the suit to cry in pain. He hits the bell again as the suit slowly unwraps itself from him. He pulls more and more. Eddie overhears this and walks over to the source. Gazing up, the symbiote begins to bond to him.

Peter goes back to his apartment and showers. He steps out and looks at his old spidey suit. The phone rings and Ursula answers. She knocks on his door.


Phone for you, it’s Mary-Jane

Peter seems excited and rushes out to the phone. He hears a mans voice, not MJ’s

Harry Osborne

Can Spider-man come out to play? Turn on the news buddy, see a familiar face…

Peter hangs up and walks outside. He sees on the TV that MJ is being held at the construction site from before. He steps away, gets his old costume, and looks at it. The next shot is the Goblin (Harry) with MJ. Sandman is below stopping any police from getting near. People gasp in horror as vehicles are flipped over as they approach. Harry taunts MJ, saying he’d planned for everything, every move Peter makes, he’s anticipated.

A voice cries out in the distance “Look, it’s Spider-man!” TV reporters are there filming him swing up towards MJ in his original costume.

Peter begins fighting furiously.

Harry Osborne

Back to the old suit, when I had so many plans for you. No matter, the classics never go out of style.


We don’t need to fight Harry.

Harry Osborne

No, we really do… I believe you’ve met Flint Marko… He also has a score to settle with you.

Flint absorbs tons of sand, becoming a giant monster. Spider-man is definitely outmatched this time…



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