Spider-man 3 Finale

Spider-man swings to try get out of Sandman’s way, but Harry is right on top of him. Peter tries to convince Harry that Norman died from his own doing, but he refuses to listen. Peter fights the two, but is clearly outmatched. Eventually he falls, and Sandman keeps hitting him. Spider-man is more drained with each thud. Sandman stops when Harry puts up his hand. He pulls a knife out and stares at the helpless Peter. As he stabs down, Peter looks at MJ and grabs the knife, he shoots web to get a bomb and throws it at Sandman. Spider-man trips Harry, who falls down, only to be caught by Sandman.

Through some quick wit and clever thinking Peter defeats Harry. Harry is webbed up, unable to move at all. They are about halfway up the constructed building.

Spider-man/ Peter Parker

You were my friend and brother, I never wanted to hurt you.

Harry manages to get an arm loose and throws a bomb at Peter. His spider sense goes and he dodges it, grabs to with web and throws it so that it just misses Harry.

Harry Osborne

You sentimental fool, I won’t be stopped.

He jumps off the the building and his glider catches him. Harry looks back, and disappears. Sandman stares at Spider-man, he unclentches his fists and whispers…


I didn’t choose this life, these powers. I only wanted to save my daughter.

Peter Parker/Spider-man

You had a choice when you killed my uncle

Sandman/ Flint Marko

I needed money for medicine. I walked up to your uncle… He.. he just tried to help me. My partner ran over, high on adrenaline, he just wanted to get out of there… and he shot him. I did nothing for him, didn’t even call the police. I just lay him down, and walked away… may as well have killed him… And now, I have his death on my conscience… and this power… I can finally help my daughter…

Peter looks at Sandman

Peter Parker

I’ve done some terrible things too… When I got these powers, I just wanted to impress a girl. My Uncle Ben always said “With great power, comes great responsibility…”

Sandman looks at Peter, nods, and disappears into the air. Spider-man swings up, Fetches MJ, and they swing off.

Peter Parker

You okay?


Yeah… You came back…

She smiles at him, back to the Peter she always knew. We fade to black.

A car crashes and flips, but gets caught in Spider-man’s web. He swings and catches some criminals. He looks around and sees the jazz club, then he sees MJ walk inside. She looks at him, and he jumps up and swings away. MJ walks inside and gets ready begins to sing. A man is sitting on a bench reading a newspaper that says “Flint Marko Innocent? Tampering of Evidence discovered” and a smaller headline reads “Harry Osborne reported missing.” The man, Eddie Brock, puts down the newspaper. The symbiote begins to creep up his neck…

Peter walks through the door of the jazz club, pulls up a chair at one of the front tables and sings along with Mary-Jane. She notices this and as the song ends she steps down and embraces him. Sirens go in the background, she steps back and looks at him. Peter shakes his head, and holds her close as they sway to the music being played, the soft echo of sirens in the background continues.

Roll Credits


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