Amazing Spider-man 2 Part 1

We lose the plane scene with Peter’s parents, and instead start with this:

Spider-man free falls down, and swings from building to building. He sees some police chasing after what looks like a mechanical rhino… chasing after an armoured car.


Never a dull moment in New York.

We cut to Gwen at the graduation ceremony. She texts Peter “Where are you?” There’s no response. She looks up that there’s currently a police chase and we see the words “giant rhino”. She sighs.

Spider-man swings past the police cars. He jumps on one, then to another. He swings past the mechanical rhino, but sees no one inside. He looks ahead and jumps to the armoured car. He knocks on the door, and the interaction goes similar to how it does in the original movie, with Gwen calling him and him saying he’ll be 10 minutes, and him saving Max Dillon’s life. Gwen begins giving a speech, and references her father and the life he lived for others. Gwen’s speech is laid over the sound of Peter fighting against the armoured truck and saving people’s lives.

Spider-man stares down the man, he runs and gets into the mechanical rhino. In the background we hear names being called at the graduation ceremony. Rhino fires a few missiles, which Spider-man deflects with a sewer drain top. He launches himself at the rhino, and he manages to disarm it. We cut to the mangled remains and the villain webbed up. Spidey swings off to his graduation.

Everyone is celebrating and throws their hats in the air. He’s missed it, he quietly sneaks into the crowd to Gwen and his Aunt May.

Aunt May

Where were you?

Peter Parker

I felt dizzy and got stage fright, sorry…

Aunt May touches his head

Aunt May

Well… it does feel like you have a bit of fever… Maybe we should get you home to lie down.

Peter Parker

I’d like that, let me just take a few pictures with my friends, okay?

Aunt May nods, she turns to him.

Aunt May

Your uncle would be very proud of you Peter, and you parents too.

Peter smiles as she walks off. Gwen and Peter discuss the large mechanical rhino that he stopped, and what he was after. Peter says the truck had “Oscorp” written on the side. Gwen doesn’t know what they would need to do with plutonium, but says she’ll investigate.

Peter hears the voice of Captain Stacey in his head say “Keep her out of it”.

Peter Parker

Actually, don’t worry about it, I’m sure it’s nothing.

Gwen look suspicious of his sudden change.

Gwen Stacey

Don’t do that. Don’t. I can make my own decisions.

Peter smiles at her.

Peter Parker

Just be careful.

Peter is invited to eat with the Stacey’s, but turns it down. He instead spends time with his Aunt. The two discuss Ben, his parents, and how Ben and Richard stayed close, despite being on different paths after graduation. Peter reveals that he misses Uncle Ben, and his parents.

Aunt May

You know, I’ve been meaning to clear up some of Ben’s old things. Not to get rid of them, but for myself. Life’s a constant coming and going Peter. We can’t linger on the past… it’s already gone.

Peter nods. A few days later he receives a text from Gwen “Think I found something.” On his way there, a street crime is takes place…


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