Amazing Spider-man 2 Part 2

Spidey easily stops the street crime, and sneaks into Oscorp through a window Gwen leaves open for him. Gwen shows him that the plutoniam isn’t registered anywhere on Oscorp’s servers.


This is great, but there’s still one question. What does a guy in a giant rhino suit want with that? And who gave him that suit? Trust me, he was not bright enough to build it himself.

Captain Stacey V.O.

You’re gonna make enemies.

Gwen Stacey

I’m not sure. Max is presenting his designs to the board today. I should attend.

Peter pulls off his mask.

Peter Parker

No, you shouldn’t. Okay, I promised your dad I would keep you out of this life, out of this world.

Gwen Stacey

Peter I-

Peter Parker

No wait, wait… What would I do if something ever happened to you. I know it’s your choice… But how could I live with myself.

Gwen stares at him.

Gwen Stacey

You’ve done this to me… again and again. I break up with you.

Gwen storms out the room. Peter puts his mask back on and leaves.

We cut to Max Dillon with blueprints walking through Oscorp. He stands in front of a board of directors. An empty chair with the placard “Norman Osborne” leaves a clearly vacant space. Max presents to the board, but it doesn’t go well. He stumbles over his words, and the executives openly mock him. Smythe ridicule’s his designs and he is quickly dismissed. Max bumps into Gwen, who looks like she’s been crying. He tries to say something, but again stumbles through his words. The doors open and Gwen steps through them. Gwen smiles.

Gwen Stacey

Thanks Max.

Max Dillon

Max? She remembered my name…

The elevator doors close on him.

Peter walks home and he sees someone outside his door.

Peter Parker

Harry…? Is that you?

Harry Osborne

Peter, you look like a ghost.

Peter Parker

What- uh- what are you doing here?

Harry Osborne

My dad… He’s dying… Doctors say he doesn’t have long left. I just, you lost your parents, you’re the only person I know in the city… Nevermind, I should leave.

Harry gets in a car and drives off.

Max is in one of his labs at Oscorp. He gets asked to managed the moving of some crates. Max, curious about what could be so valuable, opes one up to see the plutoniam from earlier.

Max Dillon

This is what I need to make a prototype for the designs. They’ll see it works.

Max begins working on the prototype right away. Smythe walks past his desk and mocks his work, breaking something in the process. He tells Max to “Keep dreaming” and to work overtime to make up the hours he worked on his “personal project in company hours.”

Max Dillon

This isn’t reacting like plutoniam should…

Quickly things escalate and he is electrocuted and his body becomes ash.

Spider-man swings through the neighbourhood, helping people where he can. He follows Gwen and sees her meet up with some friends for coffee. He then reads a news headline that says “Norman Osborne Critical”. He swings off to have a real conversation with Harry. Harry is outside and Peter changes into his regular clothes. He steps out, but realises he actually has no words. The awkwardness builds and Peter is about to leave when Harry speaks.

Harry Osborne

You got your braces off. Now there’s nothing to distract from your uni-brow.

Peter laughs as the two openly banter with one another. Harry and Peter walk around New York catching up. They are stopped by a call from Gwen.

Harry Osborne

That the complicated lady friend of yours?

Peter smiles nods.

Peter Parker

Sorry, duty calls… You know.

We see a glimpse of the phone that says “SOS. OSCORP”


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