Amazing Spider-man 2 Part 3

Peter runs through the streets and alleyways. He calls Gwen as he gets to Oscorp, but she doesn’t answer. He moves off screen. In the distance we see Peter jump and begin climbing up the Oscorp Tower. Careful to not be seen, he hasn’t yet changed into his Spidey outfit. He sees a flash of blonde as Gwen races past, and some men follow behind her. Peter climbs to the side and off camera. Our focus changes to Gwen as she tries to get out of sight. Suddenly an arm pulls her into an office and under a table.

Peter Parker

It’s late, what are you still doing here?

Gwen Stacey

I’m fine thanks for asking. I kept digging into the plutoniam when these security clowns came by and shut me out. Then they chased me, seems fishy right?

Peter Parker


Peter smiles mockingly. They make their way out a window and the two share a brief moment.

Cut to Max, waking up startled and confused. He sees his skin glowing a fierce blue. He smiles as he tests his powers. Grabbing some clothes, he steps outside to see Smythe waiting for a cab, not too far away from Peter and Gwen. Max leans down to a grate and rips it open, absorbing power. Smythe turns to him.


What are you doing freak?

Max looks up and sends out a wave of electricity. Smythe is knocked over, but not dead, only because Max won’t let him die yet. Gwen and Peter look at this and Peter runs off.

Max is approaching Smythe, looking more and more menacing. Spidey steps in.


Yo Sparkles! What you doing over there?

Harry gets home to see his father. He switches on the news where cameras are at Oscorp reporting a disturbance. He sees Electro and Spider-man.


Move Spider-man! You wouldn’t protect him if you knew what he was really like.


No, I would, you can’t just kill people, even if they’ve wronged you.


I don’t know who this crazy man is.


You’re about to find out.

Electro prepares to shoot a bolt of electricity when Spidey webs him up. Electro breaks free and runs off. He begins hovering over cars. Spidey swings after him. They reach Times Square and police are following. Spidey and Electro have a moment similar to the film, where Spidey tries to help him and convinces him to calm down. Unfortunately, as he touches a grate he gets shot at and has an outburst, and we get our awesome scene of Spidey saving the people. The two fight briefly before Spider-man is shot forward and crashes into a store.

Everyone begins asking where Spider-man is as Electro terrorises the city. Suddenly, Spider-man appears with a firefighter hosepipe. Water shoots through the air, disabling Electro. Police quickly come in, but Electro disappears through a nearby lamppost. Spider-man looks into the crowd and sees Gwen standing there. Behind her he sees the ghost of her father. He swings away.

Fade to black



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