Amazing Spider-man 2 Part 4

After seeing the fight happen on the tv, Harry tries to find a way to save his dad, and himself. He’s beginning to show signs of the same disease his father has. He figures with super humans out there, a cure must be possible. He begins looking into the research Norman was doing with Richard Parker.

Norman Osborne

You had so much potential Harry…

He is mumbling, mostly to himself. Harry tries to ignore the ramblings of a seemingly crazy old man. Harry finds a flash drive next to Norman’s bedside and takes it. Plugging it in, he sees an interview his dad conducted with Richard Parker. More information reveals experiments they tried, testing the healing of different animal species. Harry immediately runs to his phone and calls Peter. Peter doesn’t answer.

Meanwhile, at the Parker’s, May is banging on the door. Peter is half in his Spidey outfit.

Aunt May

Peter, you said you’d take my car into the shop

Peter Parker

Uh, yeah I remember, hang on hang on.

Peter attempts to get out his suit but it seems stuck. His suit is clearly dirty and has gone through much wear and tear in the past few months. Peter quickly darts under the covers as Aunt May jumps into the room. They discuss Peter needing to hurry up. As Aunt May leaves Peter falls out the bed. He sees his dad’s briefcase and tosses it aside. He sees a missed call from Harry, but puts his phone away. He runs downstairs and tries to wash his laundry (Spidey outfit).

Aunt May

Last time you did the laundry you turned everything red and blue

Peter Parker

I was washing the American flag… Okay laundry sheriff, I’ll do it another time.

As Peter drives Aunt May’s car to the shop he walks into the alleyway nearby and gets into his Spidey outfit. He gets another call from Harry.

Peter Parker

Hey man, sorry I was busy

He says while changing.

Harry Osborne

Come to Oscorp, there’s something I need to show you.

Peter swings off, and along the way saves someone from a robbery. He gets to Oscorp and meets up with Harry, who shows him the work Richard and Norman had been working on, but how it suddenly went missing the day before Richard left. Harry then reveals the condition his father has, and how it is affecting him too.

Gwen is looking up Max Dillon, she sees he has been completely removed from the employee database. This has “cover up” all over it. Even Smythe has been listed as “suspended”. Security at Oscorp is alerted and she begins to swiftly move from her desk. Peter and Harry backtrack Richard’s movements. The only piece of data they have is “Roosevelt”. Peter leaves to go to Aunt May. He bumps into a frantic Gwen, who pulls him into a closet. They catch each other up, both coming to the conclusion that something is going on at Oscorp. Peter kisses Gwen briefly. They then step out of the closet. Peter distracts security, giving Gwen enough time to get away.

As Peter swings home as Spider-man, he bumps into Electro, who seems to be looking for Smythe. Spider-man stops him, but one of his webshooter’s is destroyed (again). Electro is held at Oscorp.

Peter arrives at the restaurant where May works, but is told she’s doing her training rounds at the hospital. Peter seems surprised and goes there. He sees May walking around with mostly young women, and manages to get her attention. They discuss her career change briefly. Peter then asks about his dad. They argue before sharing a sweet moment.

Peter Parker

You are my mother, you are. You are enough for me, everything I need… This isn’t about that. Harry is in town… and, something’s just don’t add up.

Aunt May

Okay I’ll tell you. Some men arrived saying your parents had taken the data and sold it to the highest bidder. I know it makes no sense. You’re parents just were normal, your dad took the D train to work.

They discuss more, and Peter leaves to his room where he looks at his fathers briefcase again…


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