Amazing Spider-man 2 Part 5

Peter discovers odd looking subway tokens in his dad’s bag. Peter calls Harry, and they meet up at the abandoned station. Peter tells Harry about how this section has been abandoned for years, but how he suspects his dad used to come here. He puts a token into one of the slots, and nothing happens. Until suddenly the tracks open up and a subway car emerges, with old computers, and various other scientific apparatus. Peter switches on Richards computer and sees a video file. He opens it and it plays whilst they look around.

Richard Parker

Oscorp were planning on using our research to create enhanced humans for combat. I had no choice but destroy everything and run, a life I can’t let Peter live.

It cuts to Richard making a video diary on a plane. We heard a click

Richard Parker

Can I speak to the pilot?

Suddenly there are sounds of a struggle and Peter and Harry rush to the screen. The screen clearly falls to it’s side.

Richard Parker


A gun goes off. Suddenly, more shots are fired and glass bursts. Peter is in tears, Harry looks away as the feed cuts. There is a clear an noticeable silence between them.

Harry Osborne

What were they hiding…?

Peter, still clearly in shock, doesn’t answer.

Harry Osborne

And what is happening at Oscorp? Armoured trucks carrying highly experimental formula being hijacked, men in rhino suits around New York. Peter, this is too random for it to not be related.

The two look around and find a yellow formula. It’s listed as a prototype healing agent. Harry sneaks it into his pocket.

Meanwhile, at Oscorp, a mysterious man walks up to Electro’s cage. A shadow falls over his face, but we can tell he is staring at Max.


Do you want freedom and revenge?

Max stares at him blankly

Max Dillon

What do you need?


The grid you designed was okayed 6 months ago and is already functional. Take it down, and distract the Spider. If he dies, I won’t be sad.

Electro smiles

Peter and Harry return to Harry’s house. Peter dismisses himself to go home. As he leaves he sees a missed call from Gwen.

Gwen Stacey Message

Hey, thought I could catch you before I left… I-uh, I’m going to Oxford. I didn’t tell you because, well… maybe we’re just on different paths, you know? And I thought, this would be easier. Peter, I love that you’re Spider-man, but I loved Peter Parker more. Maybe this is what we need, it’s what I need. Goodbye.

Peter immediately starts running.

Inside, Harry is ambushed by a stranger who holds him down and removes the prototype healer from his jacket.


What a magnificent find. I’ve been trying to get my hands on this formula for years. Thought Richard died with it. Let’s see if it works.

He takes some of it and jabs it into Norman’s neck. Immediately Norman is better and able to walk. He shakes the strangers hand.

Norman Osborne

You’ve been a good friend Fiers. Money has been transferred to you and you have access to Oscorp’s resources now. Get that rhino thing of yours up and running again.

Norman hands the man an access card and he walks away.

Harry Osborne

You… You planned this…? Why?

Norman Osborne

I needed you to get the Parker brat to find Richards formula. Now, not only can we supply cures, but we can create the demand.

Norman smiles slyly. His eyes turn yellow as he stares at Harry and his tongue becomes long and forked as he gets greener. Norman looks slightly confused at Harry’s fear, until he looks in the mirror and sees himself changing. He runs outside and towards Oscorp tower.  He runs through the streets and bursts through the doors, looking more and more goblin like.

Meanwhile, Gwen is packing her stuff when she looks outside and sees “I love you” written in web across buildings nearby. She steps outside and Spider-man appears net to her, picks her up, and they swing off…


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