Amazing Spider-man 2 Finale

Peter Parker

Did you get my message?

Gwen looks at him cheekily

Gwen Stacey

What message?

Peter Parker

That one? You know what it says? It says I love you. I know you think we’re on different paths right now but… you are my path.

At Oscorp, Norman breaks through and gets into a secret storage unit. He injects himself with something, but it only aggravates him. He sees Max, smiles, and breaks him free. Max grabs some gear and disappears through a plug point. Max appears by the city power station and destroys a section of it.

Peter Parker

What, did you see that blast?

Max Dillon V.O.

It’s time the people lived in my world, a world with darkness, a world of fear and shame. A world without Spider-man, where he saves the wrong people. He’s no hero…

He voice echoes statically.

Gwen Stacey

How do we stop him?

Peter Parker

I don’t know, every time I get close enough he fries my webshooters.

Gwen gives him some advice about magnetising his webshooters. They do that at a car. Spider-man tells Gwen to stay, but she refuses. He webs her to the car and swings off. Electro taunts Spider-man through the lights of buildings and cars. Spider-man swings to the power station where they do battle.  Gwen cuts herself free of the web. We cut back to Spider-man. Aunt May is being a hero of her own at the hospital.


Innocent people are going to die!


You don’t know what it’s like to be powerless and picked on. It’s time for the powerless to take charge. And I will be a god to them


A god called Sparkles?

They fight some more. Spider-man sees the point where he can overload Electro’s power. He’s about to go turn on the power when Electro grabs him. Luckily his webshooters are working just fine. Spidey manages to subdue Electro with water, but it wont last as Electro recovers. Gwen arrives in the police car. Overlooking all this is the Goblin.


Gwen! What- What are you doing here?!


Caveman. I make my own choices


You can’t be here, I’m not messing around, this is dangerous you…

Electro begins playing the itsy bitsy spider song.


This is my choice, now how do we stop him?


Okay he’s like a battery, so what happens when you overcharge a battery?


It explodes


Right, I’ll connect everything, you just switch it on. Stay out of sight, okay. No matter what you switch it on, no matter what.

Gwen walks off and gets ready. Spidey swings off, dodging blasts from Electro except for one which tears a large portion of his mask, he connects all the broken wires together with webbing. As electro begins blasting Spidey with electricity, tearing his suit and mask. Gwen switches on the power. Electro is overloaded and turns to ash. He explodes outwards, breaking most of what was remaining of Spidey’s mask.

Gwen exits the building she was in. She looks proud of herself. Peter pulls off his broken mask, as they look up they see the Goblin. He smiles and crashes down.



Harry arrives shortly after on a bike.

Harry Osborne

Dad no!

Peter Parker

Did you just call that thing dad? Norman? What happened?


You happened Richard! You did thissss to meeee… Now, I will end youuuu.

He grabs at Spider-man and they fight, Gwen and Harry run. The Goblin decides to rather hurt Gwen, so he jumps in front of her and grabs her. The jump above the tower. Spider-man follows. Harry stares helplessly. They fight each other in a similar setting to the movie. Gwen falls, but Spidey catches her with web.


If I can cause you even a little bit of the pain you caused me Richard, that will be victory enough.

Goblin breaks the web. Peter puts everything he has to knock out the Goblin and jump after Gwen. He shoots a web to catch her… it just doesn’t get her in time (like in the movie).

Peter Parker

No no no. Gwen, I saved you… Stay with me, you stay with me. No Gwen, no… I saved you…

Fade to black

The funeral for Gwen is held. Months go by, Peter visits the grave everyday. We see newspaper articles and reports on the radio “Where is Spider-man?” Peter listens to Gwen’s speech, and packs away his Spidey suit with everything that he got from her, except for one picture.

Gwen Stacey Speech V.O.

My hope for you is that even when times are tough, you won’t give up hope…

Roll credits

Harry visits Norman in prison, who seems to have recovered his mind.

Roll credits


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