The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Part 1

Fade in

Ancient China. A warlord ravages the land, pillaging villages and burning huts to the ground with people inside. A villager fires an arrow and he catches it, smiles, and walks up to this villager

Warlord (Jet Li) (In mandarin)

Did you really believe you could kill me with an arrow peasant?


No, but the poison on the shaft should do it.

The warlord smiles, his hand seems unaffected.


I’ve been ingesting this poison for years. It no longer affects me.

He begins strangling the villager, and finally sets him on fire with magic.

The next day he is in his war chambers speaking to his generals. He looks at the progress he’s made in China and stares at a map of the world.


I may be Emperor in two days, but I have too much to do for one lifetime. The world must be mine.

General Ming

I have heard stories of a powerful witch south of the wall. She could help.

The warlord, the self proclaimed Emperor of China sends General Ming to find the witch. He stares out at workers who are finishing up the great wall. The Emperor begins practising his control of the elements. General Ming finds the witch, Zi Yuan, who says she knows where to find the path to immortality. A short montage is shown of their journey, and the witch saving Ming from a beast. They eventually get to a library, where they find a book and a jewel. The two begin kissing, which leads to another montage of them in the bedroom together.

General Ming brings Zi Yuan with the book and jewel. Immediately, she realises this quest was to help an evil man. She tells them she needs to rest and gather some ingredients to prepare for a ceremony at sunset. The next day, General Ming is helping her prepare.

Zi Yuan

You know, your friend is nothing more than a fiend? No amount of power will be enough for him.

The Emperor walks in before he can respond.


Are you ready?

Zi Yuan

Almost. The spell is powerful, but it will transform you and your loyal army into unstoppable immortal warriors.

The Emperor smiles. He turns to Ming and whispers


When she has finished the spell, slit her throat and burn the book. No one can know of this.

General Ming looks shocked and conflicted. Zi Yuan is ready and begins performing the spell. Slowly, his army, which is surrounding them, begins turning a pale brown. He himself feels more imbued with power than ever before. He turns to Ming.



General Ming looks at him and shakes his head.

General Ming

No, old friend, I stand with Zi Yuan.

The Emperor attacks him. A fight breaks out, Ming’s left arm is cut off, and finally stabs his old friend. The Emperor turns to Zi Yuan and approaches her. His movements become more clunky.

Zi Yuan

You may be immortal, but you are cursed. None of your power will be able to break you from the prison of your own body.

The Emperor runs at her, but his legs freeze in place, his army has become nothing more than a terracotta army, unable to move. He curses the witch, who picks up General Ming and they run off. We see her lay down his body by the Great Wall, and she walks away.

Fade to black

1946, Rick O’ Connell is attempting to live a more conventional life, by starting with fishing…


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