The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Part 2

Rick is attempting to catch some fish. He’s failing miserably as the line gets caught in trees and he accidentally gets the hook in his neck. Eventually he gets fed up and shoots the fish. Evelyn is doing a book signing for her novel “The Mummy” and “The Mummy Returns”. There’s a long queue going outside the door. A woman comes up to her and whispers:


So, when is the next one coming out?


For now, Rick and I are just happy to live the quiet life.

Evie continues signing books. We cut to her collapsing in her arm chair. Rick walks in, battered and bruised, and hands their butler a basket of fish. Evie raises an eyebrow.


Don’t ask


When did “the normal life” become harder than killing mummies?

The two sit in silence as they stare out the window.


How… was.. the book signing?


Oh, it was good, people kept asking me for a new book though. What do you think?


Let’s leave the adventures to the next generation.

There’s a knock at the door and the butler let’s someone inside


A Cliff Barnard is here to see you, shall I make up some tea.


Oh, yes please. Let them in.

Cliff walks in and Rick greets him fondly. He greets Evie and sits down.

Cliff Barnard

We appreciate everything you’ve done for us, especially in the war. I’ll get straight to it…

The butler walks in and offers everyone tea.

Cliff Barnard

Right, we found this jewel in our vaults. Turns out it was smuggled out of China about 45 years ago. We’d like it sent back to the museum there as a good will token.


Why do you want us to go?

Cliff Barnard

Well, China is rather dangerous… for most people. You two are the only ones I know who would be capable of handling yourselves.


I think we should rather sleep on this.

Cliff Barnard

Of course

Cliff leaves the couple to silence as they sip their tea awkwardly.

Cut to a desert in China. Alex O’Connell walks past the other excavators and sees a group arrive.


Professor, good to see you. When you didn’t arrive yesterday I thought bandits had gotten the better of you.

Prof Wilson

Thank you for your concern, it was nothing too serious. You know, for a second I thought you were Rick. How’s the excavation?


We still haven’t found the entrance, but we’re getting there, they must be close…

They here cheers of joy and run over. They see men standing by what appears to be an archway. In the distance a hooded figure looks on at them. They dig furiously and the doorway breaks open. Alex, Prof Wilson, and 3 others walk inside. One steps on a lever and the ceiling opens up, sand pours inside. They continue on, and find the terracotta army. Alex consoles one man who seems to be frightened by the army. They press on, and see in the centre a casket on top of a chariot.


The Emperor must be in this casket.

As Alex steps forward, he sets off traps. One man is decapitated, another has poison melt away at him. The professor ducks as arrows fly at him, but the third man is not so lucky. Alex wants to help, but the professor stops him.

Prof Wilson

They’re gone, and there might be more traps. You know better than anyone how dangerous this job can be.

Meanwhile, back at the O’Connell house, Rick and Evie are trying to convince themselves not to take on the new job. However, Evie is uninspired to write, and Rick keeps falling asleep reading books on fishing. Eventually they break and call Cliff.


Cliff, looks like you got yourself a delivery boy… man… people… We’re in!


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