The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Part 3

Alex is admiring the craftsmanship. We hear a thud and “Ooof” in the distance. Suddenly, a dagger flies past his head. Alex turns to see the professor lying on his back. Suddenly, the mysterious figure from before attacks him. Alex pulls off her mask to reveal her face. He holds her off and eventually gets his gun. He fires at her and she flees. Dazed and confused, Alex walks over to the professor to help him up. They radio for help and begin moving the emperor.

Cut to Jonathan at his nightclub. He bumps into Alex there, who is attempting to get lucky with a lady there.


Word of advice, in archaeological terms that’s a tomb that’s been explored many times.


Don’t worry, I can take care of myself

Alex walks off. Rick and Evie walk into the night club and see Jonathan. Excited, they greet Jonathan. Immediately he is defensive.


I swear I didn’t know he was here



Suddenly, Alex flies through one of the doors. He is followed by three men. Rick immediately stands in their way and stops one from punching his son. He realises he knows the guy.


Mad dog? Guys, it’s mad dog! This guy could land a plane anywhere

Alex Evie, and Jonathan are less excited.

Mad dog

Rick O’Connell, why, I haven’t seen you since the war. But, that aside, you son has insulted my daughter…


Look, I would love to let you teach him a lesson…


… But his mother would not.


Let me handle it

The three walk off and the music starts to play again.


I’m here all of 5 minutes and I already have to save your skin


I had it covered

The three argue until Alex storms off. Jonathan mentions that Alex made a huge discovery and that there will be an opening tomorrow. Evie and Rick go outside where Evie confronts Rick about being too harsh with Alex.

The next evening Rick and Evie surprise Alex at the opening of the exhibit. Rick sees Professor Wilson and gives him the jewel they had been carrying. Evie looks fondly at the ancient remains and congratulates Alex. Rick looks at his son.


Alex, this is, this is all big stuff. And I- I’m pr-

A gun shot goes off as military enters the building, disrupting the presentations. Everyone wants to run away, but there are guards who block the exits.

General Yang

Ah, what a fine occasion. A party, to celebrate the return of the Emperor. Professor, if you would be so kind.

He walks over to the Professor Wilson and extends his hand. Wilson willingly gives up the jewel

Prof Wilson

As promised


Wilson you snake.

Prof Wilson

Did you really think YOUR son would be able to figure out where the tomb lay by himself? We had some fuding, and nudges in the right direction. We just needed him to figure out the location. And then, get his parents to deliver the jewel. The only mummy slayers known, will die right here. And me? I get rich

Rick tries to run at him, but guns are immediately pointed at him.

General Yang

Open the sarcophagus Mr O’Connell

Rick begins opening while the General translates the inscription. It reads that only someone pure of heart could open the jewel. Like in the movie, Rick is threatened again and Evie jumps in front of him. They use her blood and open the jewel. Rick opens the sarcophagus, but it’s empty. Suddenly, the woman from before leaps from the crowd and attacks him. The jewel’s water splashes onto the clay warrior on the chariot.

That was the Emperor, and he has now returned…


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