Film Analysis: Dream Directors for DC Superhero Movies Part 1

Who do you want to see in the directors chair of DC movies?


Iron Man 2 Part 2

Can Tony manage a company whilst battling his own demons?

Film Analysis: Fanboys

Let's talk about fanboys, and why they can be a problem.

Film Analysis: Was Batman V Superman DC’s best move?

Integrating multiple films is nothing new, but since the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seems that now every studio is trying to do this. DC started it's universe with the most iconic superhero, the Man of Steel (MoS). Whilst MoS did little to inspire audiences, it sparked plenty of ideas, and seeing the … Continue reading Film Analysis: Was Batman V Superman DC’s best move?

Sunshine Blogger Nomination

Something really special happened. I was nominated by¬†Josh Hammond¬†for a Sunshine Blogger award. This is quite something for me, as I've just been doing my thing, writing what I want to, just going about it. I'm grateful to everyone who reads, comments, and links my stuff to theirs. I have no degree in film or … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Nomination